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3 Tips to Styling Your Bridal Outfit For Winter

  • 2 min read

You shouldn't have to sacrifice style in the chilly winter months. As a bride-to-be, you can still look cute and fashionable while keeping warm for your bridal events. We've taken a few of our bridal outfits and we're here to give you style tips on staying warm while choosing the best bride-to-be outfit!

Pictured above: The Paige Dress

1. Throw on a cute coat or wear a jumpsuit

A cute coat or shawl adds so much flair to your overall look, while also keeping you nice and cozy in the winter months. This peach-fuzzy coat paired with our pleated Zoe jumpsuit adds a touch of color to the overall look! If you need a bit more leg warmth and you're a pant-suit-type-of-gal – take a peek at our Blakely, Jessica, Mackenzie, and Stacy jumpsuits. 

2. Opt to incorporate a colored shawl or wrap

Adding a shawl or wrap to your EI signature outfit will not only take the brisk chill off but it adds a unique texture and accent to your LWD. There are many different wraps that include a wool blend – giving you comfort and an oh-so-cute winter outfit. The bodice details and high neckline of our Ellie dress pair perfectly with this blush-pink wrap

3. Choose an outfit with long-sleeves

Maybe you're a gal who gets a little too warm in an overcoat – but going sleeveless is just not an option in the frigid winter months. We have many different options with long-sleeves to give you that bit of warmth you're searching for while still keeping you comfortable. We are loving our Becca dress with its French dot-style pom poms – the perfect amount of festive flair for winter. Make sure and check out the Jane, Madeline, Erica, and Alice styles for more winter bridal dress options!