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Insider Tips: Who Pays for What in Your Wedding

  • 2 min read

Setting your wedding day budget is HUGE, but what's even bigger is deciding who pays for what! We've compiled a list of items you might be on-the-fence about – including who cuts the check when it comes to traditional wedding events.

Whether you want your wedding to be timeless and traditional or chic and modern, we hope this list will help you decide what best fits yours, your family's budget, and your future in-law's budget. Happy planning sweet bride!

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The Engagement Party

Traditionally speaking, anyone can throw or host the engagement party – except for the bride's family. The host will pay for and welcome all family and friends that are invited to the engagement party.

This event isn't required, but it's a great way to celebrate you and your new fiancé with family and friends.

The Engagement Announcements

The bride's family will typically pay for and organize the engagement announcements for both her's and the groom's family and friends. The bride's family is also responsible for mailing out the announcements.

The Rehearsal Dinner

It is common for the groom's family to organize and cut the check for the rehearsal dinner. This event can be small or large, but should never outdo the wedding event itself.

The groom's family should never be expected to pay or organize more than they are comfortable with.

There are a few other items that the bride, groom, and their families are responsible for aside from the large events that will take place. 

What Does the Groom's Family Traditionally Pay for?

A few other items that the groom's family is responsible for handling is payment for corsages and boutonnieres for the immediate family, lodging for the groom's attendants.

The groom will personally pay for the marriage license, officiant fees, the bride's bouquet, engagement and wedding rings, and gift for the bride. He will also be in charge of boutonnieres for himself and his groomsmen, as well as gifts for them. Classically, the groom also covers that honeymoon excursion that you've both been looking forward to!

What Does the Bride's Family Traditionally Pay for?

The bride's family has commonly cut the check for all wedding expenses, which includes attire (the bride and her attendants), floral, transportation, photo and video, travel and lodging for out-of-town guests, lodging for bridesmaids, and the reception. 

The bride will personally pay for floral, gifts for her attendants, the groom's ring and his gift from her.


Whether you're sticking to this timeline or doing something completely different, we hope this traditional outlook will help you and your family (and future family) navigate what works best for your wedding day.