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Wedding Planners: Do You Need One?

  • 2 min read

It's the question that we've all asked (or maybe you're currently asking...) – Do I need a wedding planner, or can I do this without one? Wedding planners are fantastic and make your entire wedding process much easier – let's dive into deciding what options fit your style and needs!

1. Wedding Planners Help You Decide the Details

Are you struggling to nail down a color palette or theme? Do all the details seem all too overwhelming?

Planners help with these things! They are great at asking questions that ultimately help you decide on the details and remember what's most important to you.

They are super-organizers and timelines are their best friends! If keeping track of all the must-do's and don't-forgets is a struggle for you, a planner is going to be your right-hand friend!

If you already know what you want and you enjoy the little details and all the planning that goes into a wedding day – having a planner might not be a priority for you. Only you can decide what's best for you and your personality!

2. Wedding Planners Help You Find Your Dream Vendors

When it comes to finding your dream vendors within your budget, planners are pros. Are you looking for a photographer with a specific style within your budget?

Send your planner your dream vendors and they will do all the research for you, finding wedding vendors within your budget. Not only does this take the stress off you, but it also helps you get the dream wedding you've always wanted within your budget.

Wedding planners also tend to have connections that a regular bride and groom wouldn't have. They've worked with other wedding vendors in the industry, so many of their recommendations come with you in mind!

3. Wedding Planners Run the Show for You

Whether you're going the route of hiring a planner to walk with you through the whole wedding process or not, having someone to coordinate and run the show on your wedding day will be one of the best decisions you make. As a bride, you won't want to be answering hundreds of questions on the day of the wedding.

If you hire a day-of coordinator, that planner will take care of all questions and details during the day of the wedding.

Whether you choose to hire a planner or not, we hope this helps you as you navigate this sweet season of planning! Still looking for the perfect little white dress for all your bridal events?

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