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Help! My Wedding Guests Won't RSVP!

  • 3 min read

The question we know you are all asking – what do I do when my guests won't rsvp for the wedding?! You've put all your time and effort into your dream day, only to have people not respond.

When it comes down to it – guest count matters! Each person has monitory value, especially when it comes to food and seating.

Let's jump into three possible options to help you get those rsvp's on time!

1. Make a Facebook Group of your wedding guests

This one sounds simple, but is incredibly effective! Along with having your physical invitations and wedding website, consider creating a private Facebook group of all your wedding invitees.

Not only is this an effective way to communicate details about the day, but it's also a nonchalant way to keep the rsvp on the forefront of their minds! Consider creating an "event" of your wedding in the group, where guests can directly rsvp on Facebook.

Don't forget to make your group private and also non-invitational. You don't want guests inviting random people to your wedding!

Not all your guests will be on Facebook, and that's totally okay. This is just another effective method for getting those rsvp's from those who tend to be on social media quite frequently!

2. Choose text messaging or email alerts

Another way to communicate with guests and remind them to rsvp is through email or text message. This will require you to compile emails, phone numbers, or both as soon as you begin planning.

There are many wedding websites, such as The Knot or Minted, that prompt your guests to enter in this information when they visit your wedding website. You can text or email guests directly from your wedding website, or use text messaging apps like Text My Guests and WedTexts.

3. Just call them directly

If you're a traditionalist, this might not be your thing and we totally understand! Sometimes, people feel bad about not being able to attend so they ghost and ignore you completely.

Other times, people just honestly forget! Life gets busy and at one point, they thought about your wedding day – but life has gotten in the way and they've forgotten!

Directly contacting your guests (whether via phone call, text, or messenger) is a way to quickly get rsvp's for your wedding day.

Unfortunately, there will be some guests you can't get ahold of and in that case we recommend counting those guest(s) as not attending. In light of the pandemic, it seems that getting rsvp's has become increasingly more difficult than usual.

Guests who might have been planning to come to your event have suddenly backed out due to illness...or maybe they're just afraid to come due to possible exposure to the pandemic.

One thing we recommend while you're talking to your guests about rsvp's is reminding them of the precautions you will take on the day of the event. Even if that's placing a few tables away from everyone else, ensuring those that would like to social distance have the opportunity to do so.

Little details of thoughtfulness mean the world to those who are taking extra precautions. It can even mean the difference between someone attending and not attending!

Regardless of who is there, one thing remains: You are still getting married to the love of your life and you will have these sweet memories to hold forever.


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