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Two Simple Ways to Narrow Down Your Guest List

  • 3 min read

You're planning the wedding and suddenly you MUST cut down your guest list! Whether due to venue size, COVID restrictions, or personal preference – sometimes the guest list just has to be chopped, and we admit; that is no easy feat!

When you have family and friends that you can't imagine not celebrating with, cutting your guest list down can seem nearly impossible, but fret not! We've compiled two simple ways that you can easily narrow down your guest list, as well as including those who might not be invited to your special day.

When was the last time you talked...

If chopping your guest list has become too daunting a task, consider when you last talked to that specific guest. If the last time you spoke or hung out was six years might think twice about sending them an invite.

Curious about the cutoff for who should or shouldn't be considered? Many brides will only invite those who they've been in close contact with IN THE PAST YEAR.

That means if you haven't spoken in two or more might not be included in the guest list. Only you and your fiancé can set these boundaries based on who you feel comfortable keeping or cutting.

You want to invite people who have made a difference in either yours, your family, your fiancé's, or in-law's families. Think carefully about those who you used to be close with, but no longer keep in contact.

Rate each guest

The rating method might sound strange, but it's an effective way to get a ten-thousand-foot view of your guest list. Let us show you...

Each guest has a specific rating, from "must be there," to "not getting an invite." You can choose to do a numbered list, or opt for a colored list.

Each guest will be rated one to three, or green to red. Here's a simple breakdown:

1's or green guests – these are definite must be there/non-negotiable guests

2's or yellow guests – you like to invite them if possible, but only if the guest count allows

3's or red guests – you would love to invite them, but guest count will not allow

This may prove to be a challenging task for the both of you! Just remember: when narrowing down your list, think about those that mean the most to you. Those that stuck around and supported you and your fiancé (even in the difficult times).

Your guests are there to celebrate YOU, not to just "have a good time."

Still feeling conflicted about those who won't make the cut?

We get it girl  – narrowing down your guest list is HARD. The last thing you want to do is step on toes, or hurt feelings because someone didn't get an invite to your wedding.

One way to make those who won't be invited, feel included is by inviting them to another bridal event. Many brides will invite family and friends (who aren't getting an invitation to the wedding) to their bridal shower.

This gives those guests the opportunity to shower you and give their congratulations, while still making them feel like they're a part of the wedding process.


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