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True or False: A Full Bar is Cheaper than Beer and Wine Only

  • 2 min read

Let's talk booze! A wedding bar can get expensive really quick, especially if your venue doesn't allow you to bring in your own alcohol. Our tip: find a venue that does allow you to bring your own alcohol. It will save you a lot of money! 

Which brings us to today's topic. True or false: a full bar is cheaper than beer and wine only? Keep scrolling to find out!

Wedding bar display with signature cocktail

This is a myth and is SO false girl! Building out a full bar at your wedding is DEFINITELY cheaper than just having beer and wine. And it's really just a matter of simple math - you can get many more drinks out of a bottle of liquor than a bottle of wine. More drinks for less money? Sign us up! 

Now that we've broken that myth and fulfilled your dream of having a signature cocktail (you've got a full bar now so go for it girl!), you'll need to figure out exactly how to build out your bar. This part can be tricky though which is why we've created the "Build your own bar calculator!"

 Engaged couple toasting with champagne flutes at their engagement photos

With the build your own bar calculator all you have to do is plug in your wedding guest count number and voila! You'll instantly see the actual cost of a full bar versus beer and wine PLUS the exact breakdown of how many bottles and cases you need to buy.

You can gain complete access to the build your bar calculator in the Wedding Planning Formula Membership, so you can not only see the cost for yourself, but also see exactly how much you need to go out and buy to stock your wedding bar! 

There are many ways you can save money on your wedding and this is a great example of where you can be smart, plan ahead, calculate your costs, and save yourself even more money on your wedding! Build your own bar, use the calculator we made, save money, and have a great time and great drinks with your new hubby and family and friends!