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Tips For the Bride Planning Her Wedding Out Of State

  • 2 min read

On today's blog we are going to give you two tips for planning your wedding from out of state. We know this can be super hard as a bride when you're not there in person to make all of these decisions and visit with everyone, so here are our top two tips when it comes to planning out of state. Let's jump in! 

bride smiling showing off her engagement ring in little white dress taking engagement photos with her bridal party

1. Make a Plan

First of all, you want to come up with a plan before you move forward with anything! By a plan we mean, you need to understand everything it is that you're going to have to do to plan this wedding. This can be hard since you've likely never planned a wedding before and you don't know what you don't know... which is why it's important to take the time to research everything that will go into this big day.

For example, vendors. What are all the vendors you may need to interview, meet with, and eventually book. We suggest doing a lot of the initial screening of vendors (besides your venue) via Zoom or phone call so you can do that step from a far. But once you've nailed down your final choices, you'll want to lump those meetings together (see our next tip below). 

Another thing you may not know - as you get closer to your wedding day, you'll want to have a final walk through at your venue with all of your vendors so you'll likely want to be in-person for this!

Again, why it's important to get a complete understanding of what you will need to do to plan your wedding and then coming up with a plan. This will set you up for success and ensure you're not pulling your hair out from afar. 

excited bride to be smiling showing off her engagement ring wearing a little white dress taking her engagement photos

2. Trips

Once you know your plan and all of the stuff that has to get done, you need to plan out your in-person trips.

You're probably going to want to take at least one initial trip to tour your venue and get that locked in. After that, we would say only make trips for the very necessary in person meetings. You could interview and hire a lot of your vendors via zoom. Your photographer, videographer, DJ, and even your florists could be done virtually.

You will want to be in person for things like your hair and makeup trial, your final walkthrough, and maybe your food and cake tasting.

Understand everything that you're going to have to do and then batch your trips so that you're not driving yourself crazy running back and forth. 

We cover all of these tips and much more in our Wedding Planning Formula membership so be sure to check it out. We know this will be a huge help for you when it comes to planning your wedding.