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The 5 Best Engagement Photo Poses

  • 3 min read

Getting ready to take your engagement photos? Looking for the perfect poses to capture the perfect moment with your fiancé? Look no further! We have just the thing for you! On today's blog, we're here to share with you the five best engagement photo poses. Let's get to posing girl! 

1. Embrace 

Let's get cozy! This pose is perfect for a sentimental look. Get as close as you can to your fiancé and embrace one another for a romantic engagement photo look. This could include a hug, holding each other from the side, or even leaping into one another's arms. Two tips for this pose in particular:

  1. If possible, opt for an embrace that feels natural to you as a couple. However, always take direction from your photographer as they will know what looks best in front of the camera
  2. It may feel weird but touching foreheads like in the photo below creates the sweetest pose

excited bride to be smiling wearing little white dress taking engagement photos with her fiancé

2. Back to Front

One of the most simple and classic poses, the back to front is a timeless look for your engagement photographs. You and your fiancé can stay close, and you will still be able to see both of your faces in all of the photos that your photographertakes. Another pose you can do is to lean back into your fiancés chest and he can kiss you on the neck or cheek for a more intimate look. Again, your wedding photographer should help you find the most flattering angle. We just love this classic pose.

bride to be wearing long white bridal dress as her fiancé holds her taking their engagement photos


3. Twirl

Add a little twirl for a fun, flirty look to your poses! You could even add a dip after you take a couple twirling around shots. This shot is perfect for showing off your engagement photo dress, as it twirls with you in the shot. Opt for this pose if you want to add some diversity and excitement to your engagement photographs!

Looking for the perfect twirl worthy engagement photo dress?! You can find our favorites in our engagement photo dress collection. Our personal picks: the Diane, Haley, Peyton, and Lina

bride to be wearing little white dress as her fiancé spins her around taking their engagement photos

4. Kiss

Well of course you have to take some kissing shots! Remember when taking these photos to kiss lightly. You can do a few photos kissing on the cheek, forehead, or even hands. The photos that are taken when "lightly" kissing one another are some of the sweetest, most intimate and romantic photos. So don't be shy and add some passion by kissing your fiancé for a couple photos during your shoot!

excited bride to be wearing little white bridal dress kissing her fiancé taking their engagement photos

5. Face-to-Face

Time to get even closer! Nose to nose, and face to face shots will capture laughable, sweet moments for your photos. These will be the foundation of your photos and can set the tone for your photoshoot, allowing the both of you to get comfortable in front of the camera. Your fiancé and yourself will laugh, smile, or even shed a tear as you both look one another in the eyes. Plus, it helps to focus on each other and forget about the fact that you're even being photographed by someone!

Remember how we mentioned touching foreheads above, see what we mean?! Feels weird but looks so sweet! 

excited bride to be wearing little white bridal dress facing her fiancé taking their engagement photos Looking for more helpful tips like these? Check our our Engagement Photo Guide for more tips, like what to wear, how to coordinate looks, and much more!