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Seven Tips to Saying 'Goodbye' to In-Law Stress During the Holidays

  • 2 min read

The holidays are stressful enough – then you add in in-law drama on top of planning your wedding! It can feel unbearable at times, we know!

We don't want you dreading those family get-togethers or letting your in-laws ruin the sweetest season of all. We've got all the tips on helping your navigate (and stay sane) this holiday season with your (future) in-laws.


Photographer: Sterling Imageworks

1. Don't go in with any expectations

Sometimes this is easier said than done, but don't expect praise, warmth or approval during your Christmas gathering. When we expect someone to act or respond in a certain way (and they don't) it only leaves us hurt and disappointed.

Avoid the holiday hurt and take it all as it comes. Be a gracious and welcoming presence, even if things don't go the way you thought.

2. Let them help

People like to be needed, and one way you can do that is by asking and allowing your in-laws to contribute. Let your mother-in-law help set the table, ask your father-in-law to chop firewood.

Having your in-laws contribute will take a little of the pressure off you and allow them to feel like they are contributing and helping.

3. Be a reporter

Keep the conversation going by asking questions. Asking simple questions like, "How has your week been?" and "What are you most looking forward to this New Year?" will make them feel valued and important.

Ask questions about work, hobbies, and their childhood. People love talking about themselves!

4. Combine traditions

Ask ahead of time if there are any family rituals or traditions that usually take place. If your in-laws always bake a specific dish or decorate in a particular way, surprise them by showing up with a baked goodie or decor in hand.

5. Deflect negativity

When negativity does arise, don't fuel the fire or hold grudges. Simply ask pondering questions such as, "Oh really?" and "Think so?"

After the holidays have concluded then you can address the hurt feelings with your fiancé (or husband) and your in-laws.

6. Set a time limit

Don't feel like you have to say cooped up in an in-laws house for days on end! Set yourself a time limit and get out for a walk, go to a coffee shop, or go sightseeing.

A healthy balance of getting out and getting some fresh air will do you some good!

7. Take a deep breath

We will end on a simple one here – take a breather when things start to get overwhelming. If you need to step outside for a moment, go to the restroom, or sneak away to a bedroom for five minutes...that's totally okay.

Don't be afraid to re-group. Taking a moment to regain composure is a much better option than lashing out or saying something out of frustration.

Photographer: Sterling Imageworks


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