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To Save or to Splurge – The Best Way to Plan Your Wedding Budget

  • 2 min read

It's the question we've all been wondering about! When it comes to budgeting for the big day – how do you decide what to spend a little more on and what you should save on?

If you haven't asked the spend versus splurge question already, it's bound to come up in your planning – so let's talk about three ways to help you narrow down where you should be saving and where you can afford to splurge! 

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1. What is your budget?

First and foremost – what is your budget? In order to determine how much you can spend on specific wedding vendors, you have to first narrow down your overall budget.

Think about your top line and what you're willing to spend on your dream day. Then, set a budget based on an ideal price range.

You're more likely to stay within a budget if you set a price range – compared to setting a concrete number amount. When you have an ideal budget set, choosing where to save and splurge becomes easier, more enjoyable, and less stressful!

2. What is most important to you?

Once you have a budget nailed down, next comes the fun part! What things are most important to you and your future spouse?

Make sure to include the must-haves and non-negotiables for the wedding day. When it comes to choosing whether to save or splurge, taking into account what matters most will help you ultimately make your decision in confidence!

3. What is a splurging and saving example?

Every bride and groom is different. Your non-negotiables might not be someone else's – and that's okay!

Maybe you're a bride who truly cherishes memories, but not so much wedding flowers. You might opt to spend a bit more on your photographer or videographer (or both if you're really capitalizing on those memories) and instead of spending thousands on all real flowers – you might decide to go completely artificial, or even mix in artificial flowers with your live ones.

Artificial flowers give a similar effect as live flowers, but isn't nearly as expensive – giving you the option to save, while still splurging on your must-haves!


No matter what you choose to save or splurge on, remember one thing: This is your day. If you want to spend a bit more in one area, while saving in another – go for it! Don't let the status quo determine how you and your future spouse choose to spend your beginning of forever!