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Making Your Wedding Celebration Meaningful

  • 3 min read

At the end of the day, you want your wedding day to be something that's remembered. It should be meaningful and special to you as a couple, your families, and also your guests in attendance.

Many 2020-2021 weddings have been affected by the pandemic and many brides-to-be are still trying to navigate what it looks like to not only plan, but be engaged during this strange season. From changing your whole day, to making adjustments you hadn't originally planned for – we understand what it's like.

Today's blog is a question that many brides are asking more and more, in light of the ever-changing wedding industry.

Whether everything is still going as planned, or maybe things have changed and you've decided to elope and have a reception further down the road – we're here with some tips on making sure your celebration (big or small) is something that will mean more and more to you as the years pass.

Photos by Kayley Haulmark Photography

Pictured Above: The Lina Dress

Speak Directly to or with Your Guests

Over the years, weddings have become busier and busier – changing the way the bride and groom interact with their guests. One meaningful tip is to speak directly to or with your guests during your celebration.

It's very common for a guest to attend a wedding, and never have a moment to speak with or congratulate the bride and groom. It didn't always use to be this way...

Many view receiving lines as a traditional, outdated idea – but they're great for greeting your guests and making them feel important too! Opt to have a receiving line where you can speak directly with your guests and thank them for supporting you in this new journey. 

Another option is to speak directly to your guests during your reception or cocktail hour. Instead of having the emcee introduce the next event – take the opportunity to introduce it yourselves as bride and groom!

A heartfelt thank you or short speech to your guests will make you (and them) feel more connected to the moment.

Share a Special or Intimate Moment

If you've had to postpone, and you chose to elope – making your celebration meaningful is even more vital. Choose to video your first dance, vows, or other special moments from your elopement and show that video during your postponed celebration.

This will make your guests feel like they didn't even miss a beat, and were right there with you amidst the circumstances. It lets everyone see and experience your special day just how you did – plus experiencing it again as a couple is even sweeter!

Keep it Lighthearted

Don't forget to let loose and have fun! 2021 is a new year, so setting the mood for lighthearted celebration is a must.

Put on your best dance shoes and let loose on the dance floor! Maybe even choreograph your grand entrance with your bridal party!

These tips are sure to lighten the mood and let your guests know its time to party and celebrate.

Incorporate Meaningful Decor

One way to make your celebration meaningful for not only your guests but for you and your families, is to incorporate decor that has meaning. Does your family have a specific heirloom that's been around generation after generation?

We love how one of our Eternal Ivory Brides used vintage decor pieces (like this old radio shown below), previously owned by her grandpa. He passed five years prior and even though he couldn't be there in person, she found a way to bring meaning and memory in his absence.

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