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How To Stay Organized When Wedding Planning

  • 2 min read

Getting ready to plan your wedding? Have no clue what to do or how to stay organized? Don't worry girl, we've got you covered! On today's blog, we're here to share three tips on how to stay organized when planning your wedding. We will also share our tool that we've created to plan your wedding and keep it organized! Let's jump in! 

1. Create a wedding specific Gmail account 

We highly recommend creating a Gmail account specifically for your wedding so that you can keep all your correspondences here. You can make it something like the Creating a new Gmail account is completely free so there's no disadvantage to doing this!

As you start reaching out to potential vendors, receiving contracts, and communicating with your bridal party, a wedding Gmail account will ensure nothing gets lost in your normal day-to-day emails. We also suggest creating folders within this account for each vendor! 

Creating a specific email for your wedding will save you time and keep you organized!

excited bride to be smiling wearing little white bridal dress taking her engagement photos with her fiancé

2. Utilize Google Drive

We also suggest utilizing Google Drive to keep all of your digital files saved. This is a great way to organize and keep track of your contracts, invoices, budget sheet (yes, you need one, but don't worry we have you covered, keep reading!), and anything else. You're not going to want to lose any important information that corresponds to your wedding so utilize your Google Drive to stay organized and on top of everything! 

excited bride to be wearing her little white bridal dress taking her engagement photos with her fiancé

3. Keep all your notes in one place!

Whether you like to take notes on a physical planner or in your phone, you need one central location for keeping these organized! 

If you're a physical planner girl, we suggest either a binder with blank paper or a notebook inside or a gorgeous wedding planner

If you like being able to take notes on the go and in your phone, then we personally love Trello. It's a free app that allows you to create different "boards" aka categories and "lists" aka to do lists, notes lists, etc. Trello also allows you to create checklists, set due dates, and share with others like your fiancé! 

In the Wedding Planning Formula Membership, we give you everything you need to plan your wedding and help you stay organized and on track with everything. Be sure to check it out!