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How To: Politely Communicate A Kid-Free Wedding

  • 1 min read

Every bride's wedding is different. Some of you may want kids at your wedding, and others may prefer not. On today's blog, we're here to help you politely communicate a kid-free wedding to your guests! Let's get to it!

bride in little white dress holding flowers with her fiancé taking engagement photographs

1. While We Love Your Littles, This is an Adult Only Affair 

This is YOUR wedding! Don't be afraid to stand up and say what you want for it. If you don't want kids at your wedding that's your decision, and everyone will still love and respect you, and make sure their babysitter is available that day! You could say something along the lines of, "we love your kids, but this is an adult only affair" or replace "kids" with "your littles." Either statement will work and both are polite for letting your guests know what you want!

2. RSVP Cards & Wedding Website

You want to be sure to put this request on your RSVP cards as well as your wedding website. You don't want someone to miss what you have asked of your guests before they attend your wedding! 

excited bride to be and her fiancé taking engagement photographs in the park

3. Addressing Your Invitations 

When addressing your invitations, be sure to not write, "The Johnson Family" but rather say "Mr. and Mrs. Johnson" if you don't want their kids included. By specifying "Mr. and Mrs." you will clarify to your guests that are attending your wedding to not bring their children with them. 

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