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How To: Selecting Your Wedding Day Style

  • 2 min read

One of the hardest parts about wedding planning can be choosing your wedding day "style." There are so many options and inspirational weddings out there - from Pinterest to Facebook and now Tik Tok - it can be hard to decide what your wedding should look like! On today's blog, we're here to share with you some tips on how to narrow down your wedding style options. 

1. Choose ONE Style

Our biggest piece of advice: you're going to want to pick one style and stick with it throughout ALL your decisions. Whether that's a boho style or classic style, choosing one will ensure your wedding day will be cohesive throughout, not a bunch of random themes all thrown in one! From your dress to your florals, if you stick to one specific style, everything will come together at the end!

alternative, free spirited, bohemian style wedding style

2. Choose your venue first

If you're having trouble choosing a style, select your venue first. Oftentimes, your venue will dictate your wedding day style. For example, if your venue is a beautiful ballroom, then opt for a classic or romantic style. Where as if your venue is outside in the mountains or woods, then the boho style would be perfect for your wedding. 

romantic, feminine, soft, floral style wedding

3. Once you choose a style, stop looking at other inspiration images!

While this tip can be hard to adhere to, it's so important in order to avoid getting distracted and overwhelmed! Once you've selected your wedding day style, stop looking on social media or online for additional inspiration images unless you are specifically searching out your style. For example, if you've decided your style will be romantic, you can go on Pinterest and search "Romantic Wedding Day Style" but don't search for just "Wedding Day Style" or "Wedding Day Inspo."

classic, elegant, timeless style wedding

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

If you're still finding it difficult to narrow down your wedding day style, then our Wedding Planning Formula membership is just the thing for you! The Wedding Planning Formula is basically a virtual wedding planner in a box. In it, we show you EXACTLY how to choose your style and give you everything that you will need in order to do so! 

Get more helpful tips and pick your wedding style with us! Be sure to check out the Wedding Planning Formula membership!