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Eternal Ivory Dresses to Fit Your Shape and Style!

  • 2 min read

Feeling confident and comfortable in your Eternal Ivory outfit is so important to us. That's why we chose today's Wedding Wednesday feature to showcase the five body types, paired with the perfect EI outfits!

As always, if you have any questions about the fit or style of a dress or jumpsuit, don't hesitate to drop an email ( or chat with us on our site!

The Hourglass

If your body type is the hourglass, your shoulders and hips are exactly the same widths and your waist is well defined. Women with an hourglass shape can wear just about anything except boxy clothing – which is why we recommend Carrie, Chloe, Claire, Emma, and Julia.

The Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle body type tends to have the shoulders being broader than the hips. We suggest always looking for tops with a scoop or v neckline which helps make your shoulders appear more narrow. 

Take a peek at these beauties: Alice, Ashley, Courtney, Erica, Hannah, Isabella, or Mia.

The Triangle

If your shoulders are narrower than your hips, you have a triangle body shape. Opt for outfits that help you achieve symmetry like Abbi, Anderson, Brooke, Lina, Maggie, or Rose.

The Rectangle

The rectangle body type has a minimal waist with shoulders and hips being the same width. Stay ultra-fashionable while choosing a dress you're confident in by creating a waistline with wrap dresses and funky belts.

Take a look at Alex, Becca, Emma, Ellie, Harper, Jennifer, Meredith, Stacy, and Natalie.


The Diamond

If your shape is diamond, your goal is to define your waist. Simple is always better while choosing a style that accentuates your natural waistline like Piper, Meredith, Alex, and Angela.

Curious about the fit of a dress or jumpsuit and if it would work for your shape and style? Find more dresses over on and drop us a line!

We also offer plus-size options in Alex, Angela, Piper, Meredith, and Stacy. Contact us at or chat with us on the site for the plus-sizing link to order!