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Changing Your Wedding Day Vision During COVID-19

  • 2 min read

COVID-19 has caused many brides and grooms to change wedding plans that had already been established. Whether it's a pandemic or another event that might force you to make an adjustment to your wedding day plans – we want to help couples navigate this season of confusion, frustration, and vision-changing.

You still deserve the wedding of your dreams, even if it doesn't look quite like you'd originally planned. Keep scrolling and check out our tips on navigating and changing your wedding day vision in the midst of this ever-changing season of life.

Pictured Above: The Rose Dress

1. Don't Do This Alone

Have those that know your vision best (whether that be a wedding planner, sibling, MOH, or even your mom) help you take the next steps. It can feel overwhelming and exhausting trying to tackle a change in plans and vision if you go about it alone.

Don't be afraid to delegate tasks to those who are willing to help. Let your MOH or bridesmaids help you call family and friends letting them know of changes in plans.

2. Be Open

As hard as it is to hear this – be open to whatever options are available. Whether that's a change in location, choosing a different vendor because they're already booked on your date, or going a completely different route than you'd originally planned.

Many vendors will be more than willing to work with you if you explain your situation. They know it's not your fault and they want you to have your cake and eat it too!

3. Postpone, Don't Cancel

As easy as it might be to just throw your hands in the air and throw away all your hard work – don't. If you choose to elope or have a smaller ceremony, nothing is stopping you from having a BIG party down the road!

If you already had plans for a wedding, opt to push the date and have a reception celebration with everyone who couldn't make it for round one.

You can still have the day of your dreams with the people you love most!

4. Remember The Purpose

It's hard to see all your hard work and planning being pulled out from underneath you. You've worked so hard, only to have to change and alter your plans.

No matter where you say, "I do," or what happens at the end of your wedding day, we want you to remember one thing: the purpose of why you got married in the first place. The person who you're marrying loves you VERY much and at the end of the day – it's about you two.

If you're both happily married and you're able to finally start your lives together – what a dream-come-true! Your wedding day is one day, but your marriage is a lifetime of love and growing with your special someone.

Pictured Above: The Taylor Dress