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3 Questions To Ask Your Potential Wedding Venue

  • 3 min read

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest wedding planning decisions you will make. So you don't want to mess this one up! Do your homework on your potential vendors and be sure to ask these three questions before you make your final wedding venue decision!

1. Price 

The first and most important question to ask is what's the cost. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you definitely need to have a clear understanding of the venues fee before even considering them. Be sure to ask what all is includedin their price and ask what the total price is including all fees.

  • What all does the venue include
    • Do they include tables, chairs, and linens? Do they include set up and tear down? Is a day-of coordinator included? Really try and get the venue to be specific about what all is included. 
  • What is the total price, including fees
    • These fees could include setup fees, tear down fees, cleanup fees, and overtime fees. Sometimes you won't find out about these fees until you receive the final invoice from venues so be sure to ask what these are from the beginning so you have a wholistic understanding of the total cost of the venue. 

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2. Duration

When considering a venue, be sure to ask how long you get the space for. Is it all day, is it for only a certain period of time, can you pay extra for more time? Can you come in early to get ready there? How late can you stay? How early can vendors setup and when do they have to be out? You need to make sure you get all of these questions answered so you can better prepare yourself for your wedding day, as well as determine if this is the right venue for what you want and need on your wedding day. 

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3. Outside Vendors 

While some venues don't care what vendors you use, there are others who will only let you select vendors from their preferred list. So be sure to ask whether you can choose your own vendors or if you have to use their selection.

Depending on your personal preferences and their options, it may not be a bad thing if they make you use their list (a preferred vendor list typically means they've worked at that venue previously so have experience in the space and could also save you time in finding vendors on your own). 

Negatives of a preferred list may mean limited options that don't fit your preferences or style and less wiggle room for budgetary options. 

Especially important vendors to ask about include catering and alcohol. Choosing your own caterer and bringing your own alcohol can typically save you a lot of money. So be sure to ask if this is an option and weigh this into your decision especially since it will impact your budget. 

Choosing your venue is definitely one of the bigger decisions but you've got this. Take your time, weigh your options, and get all the info you need so that you can feel confident in your final choice!

If you need any more help with hiring your vendors, we have a complete course on how to research, interview, and hire vendors in our Wedding Planning Formula Membership membership.