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3 Questions To Ask Your Photographer

  • 2 min read

Bride, are you in the midst of trying to hire your wedding photographer? This can be one of the biggest wedding planning decisions so you don't want to mess this one up! Here are the three questions you should definitely be asking your photographer before hiring them.

1. Can I see a full wedding gallery? 

The first question you should ask your potential wedding photographer is, "Can I see a full wedding gallery of a wedding that you've shot?" Seeing a full gallery of their work allows you to see photos that they've taken in different lighting situations with different backdrops from the ceremony to the reception and throughout the day and not just their best photographs that they post on their social media accounts or website. You really want to get a full picture of their work so you can truly evaluate if their style resonates with what you're looking for and if their skill level matches your expectations. You can also get a better understanding of what types of photos they tend to shoot - posed, natural, in the moment, details, etc.

excited bride to be in long white bridal dress kissing her fiancé taking their engagement photos

2. Do you have a second shooter? 

Secondly, ask if they have a second shooter that works with them. A second shooter will allow for a lot more special moments to be captured as one person can't be in all places. For example, if you want photographs of you and your fiancé getting ready, you'll need two photographers. It also allows you to capture more moments of the day - all the little moments, different parts of the reception, more of your guests, and different parts of the ceremony.

3. What's your posing style?

While seeing a full gallery will give you an idea of their posing style, definitely ask them this question flat out to get their response. This is a very open ended question, but it allows you to see (1) what posing style they gravitate towards and if you're comfortable with that style and (2) if they're going to take control of your wedding day by posing people and being assertive, so that you don't have to worry about it. 

bride to be wearing little white dress spinning around with her fiancé by the lake taking their engagement photos

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